[Interviews with Leah]



Interview with Kristina Marie Darling at Tupelo Quarterly, including a folio of poems from The Barbarous Century.

Book Bites with Steph Post:  

Meet the Press: Dante Di Stefano in Conversation with Todd Swift, Leah Umansky, and Faisal Mohyuddin at Best American Poetry


interview with Suze Bienaimee at StudioSeeds.com 


with Photographer Sabrina Henry

with Joanna C. Valente for Luna Luna Magazine. 

with G.G Andrews for Writers Who Read


with Lauren Cerand for the PEN TEN Interview at Pen America. 

with Sarah Marcus at Grazing Grain 

with Whitney Matheson at USA TODAY's Pop Candy

with Jen Doll at The Hairpin

self interview at The Nervous Breakdown

with Lisa Marie Basile, at Coldfront Magazine

featured  in "Deconstructing the Poetry Goddess," Huffington Post  by Jill Di Donato 

with the New School Writing Blog

with Womens Quarterly in Conversation

with The Storialist

[Interviews by Leah]

Interview with Kathleen Ossip at Tin House 

Interview with Chelsea Hodson at Luna Luna Magazine

Interview with Rachel Zucker at Tin House

Interview with Rachel McKibbens at Tin House

Interview with Ben Greenman at Tin House. 

Interview with Victoria Redel at TheThePoetry

[Other Features]

The Millions reviews The Barbarous Century in their "March Must-Read Poetry" column.

A great mention on Dan Ryder's Blog for National Young Writers Month in Australia. 

"Khaleesi Says" was featured as a NYTimes Poetry Pairing along with Maureen Dowd's "Mother of Dragons" on the NY Times Learning Network. (Jan 8, 2015)

Don Dreams and I Dream was featured in Time Out New York's "10 Chapbooks To Read Now" (Dec 11, 2014)

Joanna Walsh mentioned me in her #ReadWomen2014: The Next Generation online at The Guardian.

Danielle Chin, over at The Best American Poetry Blog, wrote about my reading with Poet, David Lehman at NYU's Lilian Vernon House. Scroll down in the post for a link to the podcast, too.  (10/10/14)

Edward Brydon's photographic story series "Waiting for Don," was inspired by Don Dreams and I Dream.

I wrote a travel essay for my Don Dreams and I Dream Southern Tour at Luna Luna Magazine.

I did a self interview over at The Nervous Breakdown

I was one of 12 poets and reviewers on Ron Slate's On the Seawall discussing my favorite book of 2013: Into the Dark and Empyting FIeld by Rachel McKibbens

"Khaleesi Says," was featured on As It Ought To Be in the "Saturday Poetry Series."

Three of my Game of Thrones poems were featured in the January 2014 edition of Poetry Magazine where I also contributed  to a "reading list,"


Interviews for BOMB Magazine's BOMBLOG

Interview with Andrew Sean Greer for his novel, The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

Interview with Carole Maso for her novel, Mother and Child.

Poetry Book Reviews for The Rumpus

September 19, 2012 (Laura Cronk) Having Been an Accomplice"

May 12, 2012 (Dorothea Tanning) Mouse Field Was a Triumph

-February 15, 2012 (Carol Muske-Dukes) I was Naked Face

-September 14, 2011  (Tom Sleigh) Gnawed to Bone

[Additional Writing]

My discussion of sound and lyricism in my poetry at [Sound] Lit Magazine 

May 2, 2013:"Where Writers Write" part of TNBBC 

April 14, 2012 "Celebrities Share Beloved Poems During the Academy's Annual Poetry and the Creative Mind Gala" Best American Poetry Blog  

March 5, 2012: "Loving Brit Pop Left Me Lonely" Holy Diver 

I also had a column with poet, Rebecca Melnyk called: "Two Poets, One Party" Magazine's BOMBLOG from 2011- 2012