created by    Kevin Thomas    of Horn Reviews inspired by my  Game of Thrones poems in POETRY.

created by Kevin Thomas of Horn Reviews inspired by my Game of Thrones poems in POETRY.

Poems Online

Desire [even in the time of the tyrant] at Poem-a-Day at the Academy of American poets.

Of Tyrant 3” on Love’s Executive Order

“Woman Alive,” forthcoming in Painted Bride Quarterly

“Self Reflection” forthcoming in Poetry International in 2020.

“Marvel (at Women) or Woman: Last Monster” forthcoming in Pleiades

“Torpor",” forthcoming in Plume Anthology 8

“What you Give to a Thief is Stolen” - North American Review

“Stay Quiet” online in Shrew Literary Journal

“Burn” , Connotation Press (online)

“Monster,” Magma Poetry (UK)

“Love the Beast” & “Forever,” Diode

“Woman Carrying Everything” Issue 6 - Bennington Review

“Come Pioneer,” in Poetry Northwest,

“Evolution Hinges From Its Mistakes,” Love’s Executive Order (online)

“Maeve 1 (after Westworld),” Persea Books’ anthology The Eloquent Poem

“Less” published at Ovenbird (online) Winter 2019

“What They Recognize is the Smell,” Poetry City, Winter 2019

“Make It,” published at On the Seawall by Ron Slate

"A Harboring" and "Fire and Fury" have been published online at Berfrois.

Bernard 1  (after Westworld) is in the new July/August issue of American Poetry Review. Buy it, here

"Millions of Crimes are Committed Each Day by No One", July issue of Glass.

"What Even Matters Anymore" (after Saturday Night Live)  Love's Executive Order (5/11/18)

“Cento” Prelude Magazine

 Poetry Editor Terrance Hayes selected I want to be Stark [Like] for the New York Times Magazine. (4/8/18)

Two poems from The Barbarous Century were featured at And Other Poems. 

Edge of the Wild, published in Guernica

"Stone," "Gasp," and "Lament," have been published online at The White Review (UK)

Climb and Low were both published in Matter: A (somewhat) monthly journal of political poetry and commentary.

The Westworld-inspired, "Dolores 1" and "Sonnet" both went live at Tinderbox Poetry Journal, thanks to Editor, Jenn Givhan. 

Hannah Cohen featured the Westworld-inspired poem, "Dolores 1" at The Wilds. 

Yes Poetry published my poem, "Victorious."  

Tin House featured a poem from my upcoming collection, The Barbarous Century, out with Eyewear Publishing in March 2018,  "Here is my Offering," in their Broadside Thirty online feature!  

My poem, "Cupid, I'd Invite the Shooting," is live now at Shallow Ends. 

My poem, "Sestina," is live now in the new issue of Plume.  

My #GoT inspired poem, "Cersei" is now live in issue 68 "Margins," of Magma Poetry.

Three poems of mine "Sonnet II," "This is a Poem about Survival," and "I Leave." are forthcoming in a new anthology called, "Misrepresented Peoples," out in Fall 2018 with NYQ Books.

My poem "Stranger Is" is live now at Glass Poetry Journal

My poem "When Living Feels Like a Labor of Love" is live now at Rise-up Review.

My poem "Sonnet II" is live now at Hermeneutic Chaos Journal

My poem "Hinge" is live now at Shadowgraph Quaterly. 

I am poet of the month over at The Inquisitive Eater for December. There are three poems & one essay. 

"Doing" is live at Jet Fuel Magazine, December 2016

Here is a live-stream of my reading for the Transatlantic Poetry Series.

Hard, Thrush Poetry Journal Ed, Helen Vittoria, November 2016

"Night Tales," Border Crossing Ed, Julie Brooks Barbour, Sept 2016

"This is to Calm You When You Arrive," Slice Literary, Ed, Elizabeth Blachman, Sept 2016

"Scene From a Proper Spite" Minola Review, Ed, Robin Richardson, Sept 2016

"What Will I Do With All These Wolves" from Straight Away the Emptied World is featured online at Quotidian Bee, March 2016

"The Ambassadors - Part 5"   POETRY,  Ed, Don Share   March 2016

"Once,”and “All My Days at the Open Dark”  in POSIT, Susan Lewis, ed. (March 2016)

"Lonely is a Hard Word to Use in a Poem" Thrush Poetry Journal. Ed. Helen Vitoria, (March 2016.)

My poem, "When Time Crows"  is online at PoetryCrush's Vol 3 of the Valentine's Edition.

I wrote a poem, "Spell" in response to a holiday prompt by Kevin Fanning for the Barrelhouse Magazine's Holiday Issue.

The Year of Enchantments,” Barrow Street (January, 2016)

"The Love Orphans," from About Place Journal, the Futures Imagined Differently Issue. Ed, Patricia Spear Jones.  Fall 2015.

" I Heard the Sparrows Aging," [reprint]  and "It's Nice to be Understood, Right,"  And Other Poems. (July 2015)

"I Heard the Sparrows Aging" Forklift,Ohio Ed, Matt Hart  Spring 2015.

"This is A Love Poem"  Philadelphia Review of Books (Sept 2014)

"Khaleesi Says, " "I Want to be Stark [like]," "Follow" to be translated into Norwegian ( Nov 2014)

"Poem in Which The Poet Takes A Step Back" Poems in Which  (UK)  (May 2014)

"Khaleesi Says"The Poetry Review  [UK], ed Maurice Riordan. (April 2014)

“All That is Stark and Beautiful is Dead," and  “In Song” Maggy (February 2014)

"Love Song of Fiona and the Axeman" Poetry Crush (online)  (February  2014)  Ed, J Hope Stein.

“Khaleesi Says,”, “I want to be Stark[like],”  Follow,” POETRY,  Ed, Don Share  (January 2014)

"For Reals"  Thrush Poetry Journal  (online)  (January 2014) ed, Helen Vittoria.

"Don Dreams and I Dream" Poetry Crush (Online) (October 2013) Ed, J Hope Stein.

"When Boys Become Werewolves," "Love-Sweet," and "Where We'd Rather Not," The Brooklyn Rail  ed. Anslem Berrigan, (September 2013)

“One Man’s Treasure is Another Man’s Trash,” The Inquisitive Eater, (Spring 2013)

"Careening," "The Savage Banquet of Machines," and "The Night-Genius", Statorec  (online) (January 2013)

"Makers Mark," "In my Next Life, I Want to be an Ad Man" and "Beauty is in the Machinery" The Bakery (online) (December 2012)

“The Wonder Years” Everyday Genius (online) (November 2012)

"In Dreams Bare," "Another Story," Contemporary Verse 2, (Spring 2012)

"Messing With the Ashed" Lyre-Lyre:Vol 2.  (Nov 7, 2011)

"Strange Machine," and "Life is a Verb," BOMB Magazine's BOMBLOG  "Word Choice"  (July 2011)

""What Literature Teaches Us About Love,"Eyresses (a  zine) (March 2011)


Videos and Other Media


Poetry & Pie Night-  Rachel McKibbens and Jacob Rakovan - September 2013

Sunday Salon - NYC - April 2013

Wednesday's Poem at BlazeVOX

December 21, 2012:  "Doomsday Massacre" on InDigest Magazine's YouTube Channel for the Apocalypse!


Scholarships and Awards

May 2012 - My poem,"Chess,"  won an Honorable Mention in "The 2012 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards" sponsored by the Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College!

May 23-30, 2010: Recipient of a 1-week  scholarship to the Norman Mailer Writers Colony